What do Eye Bags Reveals About Your Health ||

Hello My Beauties,

Eye Bags are named given to the puffy, fluid filled, bag-like shaped that appears underneath the eyes. It often gets confused with Dark Circles because it often appears in the same time. The eye bag sometimes creates a shadow under the eyes, looking like dark circles. The good news is we are not born with eye bags and one of the major cause is pretty much aging. Something that we can’t stop but we can definitely help ease the process. Eye bags usually occurs at around age 28 in women because that’s optimum peaking age for us. Its pretty much downhill from there. Now due to environmental pollution, preservatives in foods we eat, technology radiation sometimes you can notice eye bags as early as 23 – 25 years old. At around 35 years old that’s when the first sign of aging kicks in. The skin around the eyes is no acception to the rest of the body. You will notice that the eyes will start to loss Elasticity, causing sagging on both top and bottom eyelids; the fat around the eyes will also begin to move and will cause wrinkles and folds will start to form as well.

Ofcourse there are other factors that causes eye bags including – Hormonal imbalance, anemia, nutritional deficiency, stress, allergies, infections and illnesses, sleeping positions or lack of sleep.

Traditionally there are 3 major types of Eye Bags and i will be sharing with you what causes them and how to treat them.

1.SPLEEN EYE BAGS: The appearance of these eye bags is usually shinny and swollen. You can also notice such as fat or swollen tongue, teeth mark on the side of the tongue, you will also notice lack of energy , feeling sleepy at daytime and awake at nightime and sometime diarrhea. If you experience such symptoms, it mean your body is trying to take better care of your spleen. This organ plays a big role in the immune system and helps to purify the blood.

Treatments: It is highly suggested to consume Barley – ,

Yam –

and Qianshi (Gorgon fruit) congee-


2. KIDNEY EYE BAGS: Appearance of these eye bags is usually green and bruised looking. Almost like someone gave you a black-eye. The company symptoms include – swallow tongue with white layer on top, you may have ulcers, sweat a lot, weal legs, you’re thirty all the time, sore muscles and frequent urination. This is your body’s way of telling you to take better care of your kidneys because it takes care of the waste disposal in the body & cleanses the blood continuously.

Treatments: The Treatments includes eating GOGI Berries

and handful of consuming Gogi berries daily will not only improve your general heath but it gets rid of those annoying eye bags.


3. TEMPORARY EYE BAGS: These eye bags are usually swallow or puffy from crying or bloating. Now these normally disappears after a couple of hours but usually you will feel warm sensation or skin tightening around the eyes.

Treatments: There are several treatments to get rid of those eye bags ranging from – applying ice-cubes


or tea bags

and even eye masks but I find the best way is using Frozen Corn

and place over the eyes to de-puff. Eye creams also helps in getting rid of those eye bags.

So that it for what your eye bags tells about your health. I hope it will help for those who are struggling to get rid of it and if you have any questions comment down below and hope i will try to answer it as much as I know!

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HAIR TALK:  All About My Hair | Products I Use For Healthy Hair 

Hello My Beauties, 

I’m super happy to finally sharing my post on my hair care and it’s been one of the most requested post for the last couple of months so I hope it is helpful. This post is all about my current favorite hair products, information about my hair color, how I maintain the tone of my hair and also some general tips for keeping it strong and healthy. If you are interested in the type of color, depending on your current hair and stylist, it could take a few sessions to get it right. 

I have done Blonde Balayage on my hair and I love the color it has turned into over the past years. As the definition says ” Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour – similar to what nature gives us as children – with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks.” 

If you are going light for the first time, consider going ombré, or just trying a darker shade of blonde first. I know, I know, “blondes have more fun,” but making the switch from dark to light can be shocking, so ease yourself into it to avoid any regret.

Products : 

As anyone with blonde hair knows, there’s a lot of upkeep to go along with all that extra fun—from coping with damage to fighting brassiness, there’s a seemingly endless litany of issues you have to contend with as soon as you bust out the blonde. So the products I use to maintain my hair are : 

1. Hair Vitamins: SugarBearHair vitamins- 

According to Kylie Jenner, Kim K and other Instagram celebrities, SugarBearHair vitamins are the new best way to solve your hair woes. With a whopping 1 million Instagram followers and astonishing marketing campaigns the massively grab the attention of women of any age, I decided to give this product a try and check what all the fuss is about.I never thought I will love this product but now I swear by this product because My hair used to fall out a lot specially in the shower, within the 3rd week I noticed a huge difference I barely lost any hair. They are delicious chewy hair vitamins and are vegetarian, cruelty-free, and made in the U.S.A. They’re flavored with natural berries for a sweet taste. It says to have 2 gummy bears a day to get all the nutrients needed to meet your hair goals.  Buy here -> Link         
2. Living proof frizz shampoo: I’ve been using this for over a year now. It leaves my hair soft and healthy. It lives up to its name, managing frizz. I have nice waves that last through the day and it is very gentle to the hair. I started using this shampoo because it is a No Frizz Shampoo which is ideal for all frizz-prone hair types. It is sulfate-free and silicone-free and safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair. Buy here -> Link 

 3. Chi Keratin Conditioner:  I felt love with this conditioner because after using couple of times It reconstructed my dry damaged hair and helped replenish and protect the hair’s natural keratin protein. It also improved the elasticity of the hair and prevented breakage and added intense hydration back to the hair and made my hair soft and shiny. Buy here -> Link  
4. OGX  Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Intense Moisturizing Treatment: I use this as a hair mask once a week. I scoop a small amount into my palm and evenly distribute with a wide tooth comb from roots down to the ends. I leave the treatment in hair for 3-5 minutes by placing a shower cap over hair and wrapping cap with a hot, wet towel and I  rinse with mild to cool water.  Buy here -> Link 

 5. Biosilk Farouk CHI Silk Therapy 17 Miracle Leave-in Conditioner: I love this leave in conditioner as it really does the job what it says on the package. It detangles and smooth & softens my hair. It is gentle and smells amazingggg! I use it daily. Buy Here -> Link


6. HASK Argan Oil Repairing Shine Oil:  It is a lightweight, alcohol-free oil that absorbs instantly to provide frizz-free shine without leaving an oily residue. It has Argan Oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and penetrates hair to restore shine and provide soft, silky results in dry, damaged hair.  Buy here  -> Link 


This is the last hair care product I use in my hair care routine just to add that finishing gloss spray.  It has precious Argan oil on it which evens the hair surface for opulent shine. Buy here -> Link  
Personally, every time I go, I end up going back to get a toner to neutralize the brassiness as after the first wash, the color tends to change. So just keep that in mind if your hair has a darker base color like mine. Also I recommend finding a stylist who knows and is confident with this type of coloring technique. Asking people you know for recommendations or using good old Google works too, but I would recommend doing it with a stylist who has experience, as it is quit an “art” to know where to place the color and highlights so it looks super natural.  

Xoxo 💗💗💗

Best Of Beauty 2017 || DRUGSTORE Edition

Hello My Beauties,

The other day I went to Wallgreens ,Target & Cvs to buy some new makeup collection and I’m so impressed that so many drugstore brands that are actually bringing there game on , and that can be compared with some of the High-end makeup brands. Now I want to say that there are some products which are not from this year and I haven’t found any favorites for those products yet! So I had to use my all time favorite drugstore items. 🤗

I created this look using these products:


  1. e.l.f Prep & Hydrate Balm :  I loved this product because it is a clear water-based cooling formula stick which targets my dry patch & helps smooth, hydrate and prep skin for makeup application to achieve a dewy finish. Very moisturizing and honestly, so much better than a primer. It creates such a smooth canvas to work with and, it requires zero dry time. So makeup looks smooth,even and flawless. However, this primer is best for oily skin. I used it and loved it because its winter and my skin has been very dry lately.
  2.  L’oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation For Oily Skin : One of the most hiped product of this year is Loreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation which is hands-down will be one of my most used product, I know I can feel it. This product blends like butter instantly covers dark spot and blemishes. I have applied with a wet beauty blender. I also tried this with a brush but it didn’t blend like the beauty blender did in my case. It has a lightweight coverage but you can build up this product and it doesn’t feel cakey at all even when you double the product for full coverage. It is a new pro look of long-wear. It lasted me up to 10 hours without any touch up.
  3. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer in Light : When I tried this concealer it feels like not much product comes with the applicator which I hate but I will say though that the texture reminds me a lot like  KAT VON D Lock-it concealer cream. Just like thick and creamy but little lighter than the KVD’s Lock-it concealer.. It might be a dupe for that  * who knows * 😊. As it is a thick concealer I thought it will not blend easily but it did…yaasss! It didn’t crease when applied with Translucent powder. I Baked my under-eye with NYC Translucent powder ( I didn’t find any new Translucent powder that caught my eyes this year so went with NYC).
  4.  NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder – Translucent : Heard good things about this product and had to give it a try for the price. SO glad I did because it works great for being a drugstore makeup product. It is a bit messy if you’re not careful but I don’t use the applicator that comes with it. I just used a damp beauty blender to bake my under-eye, It does an okay job under the eyes but very happy overall with how it sets the whole face. I used Laura Mercier setting powder later to bake it again!
  5. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder: This powder is so smooth of a consistency, I just loved it. It says it is a light-diffusing pigment and yes it does. It gives a veil of silky natural look. I also tested in a bare skin and it just works flawless finish. Some powders clogs in dry areas, especially in the winters, but it didn’t- I Loveddddd ittt! I have nothing to say bad about this product.
  6. Essence pure nude highlighter : This is my favorite natural highlighter from the drugstore. It doesn’t emphasize my pores or look powdery on my skin. For me this is the dupe for Estee Edit Flash Illuminator Fluid Powder in the color ‘HEAT’. If anything I prefer Essence pure nude than the Estee one, I know that is so crazy. They have the same intensity,same color and same wear time. I brought this one because of Kathleen lights and I loveee this!  It Literally makes me glow from within and it has an incredible pigmentation for being a drugstore brand! This is now my go-to everyday highlighter and I 100% recommend it. 
  7. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: Omg you guys, this bronzer smells like a tropical paradise. I love the smell of the beach, coconut, piña colada and I couldn’t say no to this one. This bronzer is so creamy, but yet a powder. It applies evenly with any type of brush that I have used. I reach for it over my Benefit Hoola bronzer. This bronzer also works as a great contour color and you can also use it to set any cream contour and it lasts all day long. It definitely lives up to the hype. My only gripe is that they need to come up with darker shades.
  8. e.l.f. Mad for Matte 2 Eyeshadow Palette: I haven’t tried elf eyeshadow before but the quality of this palette is die-for! It feels so soft,smooth and it has really nice pigmentation. This palette is perfect for achieving a beautifully bold or subtle everyday eye look. It has 10 matte eyeshadow shades. This is ideal for shading, highlighting, and defining the eyes. I used the satin matte shadows as a liner, on the lid, and in the crease of the eye for an expertly contoured and blended look . You can get a variety of beautiful looks from natural to glam with this. I highly recommend it. Pretty color combos and  definitely use a primer. This is the perfect palette to travel with because it has all the shades, it is slim and light-weighted.
  9. L’Oreal Telescopic mascara : This mascara is my ride or die. It makes my lashes look long and full. I highly recommend this product. I use this mascara like everyday and maybe this is the only mascara I reach out every time. I prefer this one because of the wand, It has a brush with a flat side to lengthen lashes up to 60%, and a comb side to separate lashes with precision. It works best for my lower lash-line.  It removes easily with Micellar water and it is fragrance-free. Whenever I wear lens I don’t feel any irritation and it doesn’t leave that black circle under the eyes.
  10. Wet N Wild Mega Last Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick: I found This liquid liptick so pigmented and you just need one application and you are good to go. It doesn’t transfer easily but I will say though that it does eventually come off with greasier foods. However, I wore this all day  (8 hours) and it barely looked like it had smudged. There is a good range of colors available. One of the best liquid lipstick I came across after such a long time in the drugstore.
  11. Milani Make It Last Setting Spray:  It says it Primes, sets and hydrates the skin with a Dewy finish and I totally agree with it. It Made my makeup sets so nicely, it took away the powdery look. It also says it is suppose to last 16 hours but I have to play with it few more times to see if it really lasts that long. A lot of setting spray from the drugstore just spray like crazy but this has a nice mist to it, even though the smell kind of threw me off, but i really like it. 🤗

Xoxo 💗


❄️ 2017 Winter Fashion Lookbook  ❄️ 



Hello My Beauties,

I realized that I haven’t shared any of my outfit post, so it inspired me to take some photos of my favorite looks for this time of the year. I’m so excited to show you some of my outfits for a day to day Winter Look. I hope you will like it and find some inspiration. I will try my best to find the links below so that it’s easier for ya’ll to find the details. 😘😘 

 Xoxo 😘 

🔳 DAY  WEAR:  


    ▪️Outfit Details:

    1) Sweater:  Soft, wide-cut, fine-knit sweater with wool content. Slits at sides. Slightly longer at back –H&M  Link


    2) Ripped Jeans:   Skinniest design yet is presented in a chic low rise style with edgy destruction. The Dark Sky Ripped Low Rise Skinny Jeans are slim from hip to hem in a stretch fabric that lends the perfect fit -By PACSUN . Link
    3) Shoes:  Lucy Quilted-Leather Ankle Boot by Michael Kors.  Link

    🔳 OFFICE  LOOK :   


      ▪️Outfit Details :    

      1) Coat :  CLASSIC TRENCH COAT By Abercrombie & Fitch

    Classic trench coat featuring soft and drapey fabric, belt to cinch at waist, non-taped seam, synthetic fabric, mid-length silhouette, Imported. Link 

    2) Pants:  Alina Colored Skinny Jeggings By MACY’S  Link 

     4) Shoes: Brown Carver High heel Boots By Nordstrom  – Couldn’t Find the link on the internet 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

     5) Bag:   Quilted bag by GuessCouldn’t Find the link on the internet 🤷🏼‍♀️ 



    img_0815 img_0814

      ▪️ Outfit Details :  

    1) Leather Jacket : One of my favorite jacket from Boda Skin. Not only they sell the most amazing quality jackets ever, they also have an indescribable and helpful customer service…a big shout out for Sophie who was so nice and efficient helping me decide the best size for my jacket. I’d buy from them again when I eventually save up the money haha 😂 ..Thank you Boda Team.  Link


    2) Top : Conrad Top by Brandy Melville. Soft cotton long sleeve top in white with ruffled hems. Link

    3) Pants:    High-Waisted Skinny Pants from LULU’S . It is one of those things that just comes naturally! Super stretchy denim shapes a high-waisted fit with top button and skinny pant legs with rips at the knees. Link 

    4) Shoes:  Mayfair Latticework Tall Sandal by Steve Madden. A gorgeous latticework of slender lacing defines a tall and open-toe Heels. Link 


    Kat Von D Alchemist Palette -Highlighter Review



    Hello My Beauties,

    Welcome to my full review on Kat Von D Alchemist Palette. So, the first thing you need to know is it is formulated with cruelty free product and it is an eye, lip, and face transformer palette with four holographic shades. Kat Von D beauty has listed it as Hashtag Vegan Alert (#veganalert). It says that seven years in the making, this palette is one of Kat Von D’s passion projects. She spent months perfecting the intricate letter “A” and decorative scroll work featured on the front of the palette.


    So you get 4 pans of iridescence highlighter shades and it does comes in a triangular packaging with a mirror in it,which I love! It is a cupboard packaging and it has a plastic feeling to it which will not collect any dust easily,so that’s a plus point. Inside you do get 4 shades which are –  Holographic Shades in Emerald (green), Saphyre (blue), Amethyst (ultra-violet), Opal (pink) with 4 x 0.05 oz/ 1.53 g of product. It is formulated WITHOUT:

    – Parabens
    – Sulfates
    – Phthalates

    In terms of value it is $32.00 and I have to say it is little expensive than what you get in here; and because she put so much love into it, that’s maybe the reason behind the value of this product.

    Someone was asking me about comparison between Anastasia Glow kit in Moon-Child. The big difference which I found between Anastasia Glow Kit and this, is that; Moon-child Palette has chunkier glitters in it , not smooth of a formula whereas this is very very smooth and there is no actual glitter. It just glides into your skin! Which makes this one little bit attractive to me personally. But if you have the Glow-kit palette, I don’t think you need this palette in a everyday basis.

    Swatch Party !

    Let me go ahead and do swatches so that you can see it yourself how it performs in skin. Remind you, I have not use any primer and put it straight on my arms.  fullsizerender-2


    Suggested Usage by Kat Von D :

    -Pat over your favorite shade of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick or Studded Kiss Lipstick, such as the pitch-black Witches shade (each sold separately).

    -Layer on top of your Shade + Light Eye Contour look.
    -Strobe face using the Lock-It Precision Powder Brush.
    -Comb through brows for supernatural shimmer.
    -Mix and layer different shades within the palette for endless iridescent dimension.

    I have layered Opal on top of Crystal Baby Nude lipstick by Estee Lauder. On my cheeks it has Emerald.

    My last thought of this product is that I really do Enjoy it, I really didn’t want to enjoy it because of the price but I do feel like this is one product which you must have in you makeup collection. The formula is Amaaazingg, it just glides into your skin without any fall-outs. It’s just the perfect palette to glam up every look, being it nude or shimmer or smoky look, putting iridescence in your cheeks,lips,eyes,etc. You can do so much makeup looks with this and have fun at the same time. It last all day , I have tried and tasted it and I didn’t had to retouch it latter as the day passes. My only concern was Kat would have given more product or she would have knock down the price by about five bucks, than it would be a fair price range; but altogether I love playing with this palette. I hope you like the review and let me know if you would pick this palette or not and share your thoughts.

    As always I will see you in my next post, till then stay happy and have fun!🤗

    Xoxo 💗💗💗

    Mascara: How To Choose and Tips

    Hello my beauties,

    Today I’m gonna tell you everything about Mascaras! Mascara is some of you guys maybe favorite makeup/ beauty product and for me it is probably most favorite makeup product because I think it is one multi-purpose and super versatile type of product.

    A lot of time Mascaras were made by mixing ashes and elderberries over hot fire in early days and they made very own Mascaras. The very first Mascara was know to be invented in the 1800s and contained petroleum jelly. It was not until in 1917, when Eugene Rimmel invented the first packaged Mascara. It was actually in a form of a cake mascara which became widely popular among women at that time.

    Anyways Today Mascara is one of the major product used by day to day life. The common ingredients today is – Carbon Black or Iron Oxide Pigment, Emulsifier, Polymer, essential oils, thickening waxes as well as preservatives.

    There are two ways to make Mascaras-

    1. Anhydrous- where ingredients are measured and mixed in tanks or kettles and we melt the waxes into it and everything is mixed until it becomes semi- solid.

    2. Emulsion – other one is emulsion, pretty much where you add the water and thickeners are mixed together and then mixed everything at super high speed to avoid evaporation and to avoid any air going into the formula.


    Now let’s talk about the different types of Mascaras that we can get in today’s market. 3 types – Volumizing, lengthening and curling.

    So lot of times you get the Volume + length, sometimes you get curl+ Volume , and at the end of the day we just want Fat-Full-Luminous-Long Lashes. We want to gives ourselves that Doll Eye Effect or give our lashes that bit of a boost! ❤️

    Mascara comes in different types of wands. We have the Curved wands, Mini- comb, full wand brushes, Half comb & half fiber.

    Any type of brush head that are evenly applied them Mascaras on to your lashes are found in today’s Mascaras and each one will do different type of job.

    • The more bristles you get on a brush obviously shows that it will bring more product to the lashes because the gaps between the bristles are a lot smaller so therefore there will be less clumps.

    • The most common brush head found in Curl Mascaras are the Curved Wand. It fits around the lashes and pushes the lashes up to hold that curl a lot better.

    •There are also Mascaras where very tiny brushes that helps to do the little baby hairs on the inner corners as well as the outer corners and obviously not to mention the bottom lashes too.

    It doesn’t matter what type of brush- head you get and now days Mascaras are packaged in a tube, basically designed to spread the product evenly on the brush and when you pull the brush out it acts as a filter and brushes off any excess product. If there is any excess product it is advised to use a tissue to wipe off the excess products from the brush head to avoid any clumps.


    There are different ways of choosing a mascara to suit you. So first of all you need to find out whether you prefer more length or volume or curls to last longer. The effect you want for your lashes will depend on how they are naturally a.k.a if you have naturally full curly lashes maybe you need something to lengthen them, if you have super long lashes maybe you want something to keep them curl. So, a lot of the time if you want to hold the curl last longer you want to opt for more of a waterproof formula if you want the extra hold! Waterproof formulas tend to have a waxier texture (less liquid) so it stays in that curl position longer. It is also somewhat difficult to remove and you would need oil based mascara remover. If you want length and volume go for Fiber Mascaras, these are lilttle fibers that mimic the length or the style of your lashes to create the long looking lashes. But the downside is sometimes you might get those lilttle fibers your eye and it can get lilttle irritating especially if you wear contacts. 💕


    SHADES :

    There are also different colors of Mascaras- blue, purple, green, red ,orange,etc. ,basically they are made up of same ingredients but with different pigments.
    FEW TIPS :

    • If you like to wear color Mascara – not only you can apply them straight on the lashes but you can also apply them on the top of a black mascara Or you can apply them on your bottom lashes only.

    • When you have sensitive eyes it is often suggested to go for non- waterproof Mascaras as they tend to have less ingredients that would irritated the eyes. A lot of time you will also did Mascaras with more natural ingredients (I.e. Beeswax) can be found on the market but tend to last less longer than other Mascaras.

    • My lilttle advice on achieving the perfect curl lashes is basically curl your lashes first apply a coat of waterproof mascara to make sure it holds the curl and then you can apply your favorite Mascara whether it’s lengthening or Volumizing depending on what you want. Lastly, finish off by re-applying a coat of waterproof mascara just to make sure that everything stays at place. Usually it lasts all day long.

    • I will suggest to curling lashes after applying mascara as it will not only damage your natural eyelashes but sometimes it can also accidentally pull out as once the formula dries on your lashes.


    • The reason why Mascaras are are so great is because you can also double up as a Brow Brush to help tame your eyebrows but all you have to do is wipe out any excess product. • If you like to keep your lashes more curl apply the mascara from the roots of your lashes to the tip.

    • Apply your mascara while holding the ward the other way around will help make the lashes longer. If you wiggle the brush towards the roots of your lashes it creates more volume and thickens the lashes and gives a natural eyeliner look.

    • A lot of times if your mascara haven’t expired but the formula has changed or has become crusty what you can do is try adding eye drops and mixed it to the formula, then you can reuse the mascara again. Another way of reviving your mascara is that you can always use a heated eyelash curler after applying the mascara to warm up the product.

    Last but not the least I would like to talk about TUBING. Tubing has become new craze. Everyone and every brand is talking about Tubing and Micro – tubing mascara. Basically, the generic way of applying mascara is actually applying the product pigment is painted to the eyelashes and you would need some sort of formula to soften them and remove it at the end of the day. With this tubing technology it creates shield on the top of the lashes and it coats them. It is dust proof, waterproof, protects from smudging, it is great for sensitive eyes, it holds everything and it is also super easy to remove because all you need to use is warm water and you just have to wipe it off without any rubbing or tugging on to the eyes. 💕
    I hope you have a lovely week and I will meet you guys soon with another topic.

    Xoxo ❤️✌🏻




    Cleaning Makeup Brushes Like a PRO



    This isn’t the most exciting lesson, but it’s important nonetheless! Because we must clean our brushes so we can stay on top of bacteria and other offenders that we don’t want to end up on our face. Eww!
    Think of it as basic hygiene.

    Its pretty gross when you actually think about it, because who really cleans their brushes as much as they should?
    Can we be real for a second? I haven’t cleaned my makeup brushes or my beauty blender in probably a month. Let that sink in for a moment!!
    In an *ideal* world we’re suppose to be cleaning them everyday after we put on makeup… (ain’t nobody got time for that). The people who have time for that obviously: either wakeup at 5am so they can be on time for their class or work. In a real world we should be washing them every week. On that note, I fight with even finding one day a week that I could probably take care of them. So I picked two days (Saturday or Sunday) that way if I was busy on one of those days I could do it the other day. This way they are also nice and clean for the coming week.

    The way I like to clean them is I start with wetting my brush and then putting a bit of baby shampoo (or any kind will work) anywhere from the size of a dime to a quarter in the palm of my hand.
    I gently swirling them across my palm to release the product. Keep the brushes in the water as you add each new one. After washing, let the brushes have a quick soak for 5-10 sec. One by one, hold each brush under cold water to rinse any remaining product and seal the bristles. Re-mold each brush if necessary by pressing the bristles between your fingers until it’s back to its original shape. Make sure all the water gets out of the bristles so that the glue at the base of the brush doesn’t get softened. I really don’t want to mess with the bristles falling out of the brush. Now let them dry completely for a few hours (or overnight).


    P.S: For brushes that are extra cake-y, use a dab of almond or olive oil to break down the residue before you wash. 👍

    Ta-da! 😊

    Metallic Eyes!


    I feel like Mettalic Eyes has been a nice replacement to the traditional Smoky Eye. The best way to achieve this look is by applying a soft metallic color to the inner corners of your lid and blending a darker metallic shade in the crease and outer corners. It makes such a statement! I have used Too faced ‘Chocolate’ for this look. Love love love this palatte.

    And yes, whether we want to admit it or not, Kylie Jenner definitely started one of this year’s biggest makeup trends: the plump, nude lip! There are some tips and tricks that can help you fake a full pout. Using your fave nude liner, lightly over-line your lips. But, don’t overdo it! Use the liner to completely fill in your lips for all day staying power. Top this with a nude lipstick that is a shade or two lighter to add dimension to your lips, giving them the illusion of fullness.
    If you’re a gloss girl, add a bit on top to
    pump up the plump.
    Check out Kylie Jenne new lip range. Still trying to get hands on that since it was out of stock within 20 mins. Can you believe that ? 😕
    That been said I hope you like the post and will be back with some new looks soon. 😘


    Hello MONDAY!


    First day of the week, it’s Monday morning again and if you wake up with a groan and struggle to start the day then it’s for sure you are suffering from Monday Blues. Let’s face it, we all hate Mondays as it always seems to sneak up on us after the wonderful relaxation over the weekend.
    Good news is that we can beat this feeling, all we have to do is stop scowling and follow these simple steps to beat the blues and feel every day as if it’s Friday and especially get Monday rolling.

    Analysis states that most people adore and tends to be much happier on the weekends as they are stressed at work during the weekdays, so the idea is to try spreading out the joy and plan something fun during the week, plan for movies or small get together with the close pals and this way you will be able to get the required stress buster and the extra dose of happiness every day.
    Fridays or Saturdays are always great for late Night hangouts, but the same can be done over weekdays but for shorter durations, visit friends and families for dinner and nothing can beat the stress buster by indulging into small games which will take you off the hook of daily work life. But the key is to keep them short and get adequate sleep so that the next day does not start with pesky hangover due to lack of sleep.
    Who can resist sleeping till noon? But do try to keep the habit of waking up early during the weekends as well, this way the mind and body are always in sync and the energy keeps flowing throughout the week.
    As mentioned earlier get good sleep during Sundays, make sure that you hit the bed and get seven to nine hours of sleep to gear up for the work week.
    Get the best breakfast on Monday mornings to boost up the metabolism and kick start the day.
    Switch on the stereo and listen to your favorite playlist, switch it on the time you get up and get ready listing to your favorite tunes, this will boost up your mood, songs does wonders and you will be in workplace with a big smile on face.
    What can beat if the week starts with little extra muscle build or loose the extra pound gained during the weekend, start the day with little exercise and the feeling will resonate throughout the day.
    Smile in the shower, flash a beam to the Starbucks, and show those pearly whites to the whole office. Some transmissible smiles could help make us feel a lot better.
    Avoid eating lunch at the desk and take a walk to get some fresh air. Don’t stay cemented to the cubicle all day.
    Spend five minutes each night and each morning being grateful for all the good things you have done. Meditation is a great way to relax and make you feel revitalize.  
    We have listed a lot of points to start Monday as fresh as possible, I do know that after two days of rest its seems a little hard to swing back to the regular
    flow, but the irony is that- a severe case of Monday Blues can develop into Tuesday Gloom, and even to Wednesday Meltdown.  This is why it’s so important to tweak it in the bud and start the week with a positive attitude.

    “Body image issue”

                                                                               Sunaina das1_0

    One of the common issue that we all have and it starts from within, one of the most common insecurity issues we have is with our body, we think we don’t look right as the desired dress does not fit appropriately or there is some imperfection that you notice, but the irony is that it is noticed only by your own eye, but that’s the truth and trust me this is 100% normal.

    We tend to live in our own small world where we compare each and every aspect of us with someone else and have the desire to look most ideal. This begins when we start disliking our image the way it is depicted in the mirror and eventually notice the very miniature flaws and imperfection that no one around can even guess off.

    Now another truth – we can and actually speaking we must to some extend mold our thoughts and make the insure part of us the motivating factor, well it sounds stupid but that’s the key to achieve the desired body of which you have always been dreaming of. Majority of the issue revolves around the body weight, gaining few extra pound is easy but losing them do needs dedication and hard work. There are many aspects of the body which cannot be changed but definitely there are many more aspects that can be changed and it all begins by choosing the right way and having the right attitude.

    Start eating healthy, run that extra mile, pamper yourself with more organic products but most importantly start loving yourself more because it all begins from loving yourself..

    Life is too short to spend all its time in stress and worries, keep them aside and try giving more time to your own body after all the beautiful you within needs the biggest support of the body and it’s your responsibility to keep it looking healthy and young. There may be few aspects which you cannot change as I mentioned earlier so for those start embracing it and find the positives.

    A beautiful soul do needs the support of a beautiful body, so treat it right and everything else will just fall in its own way.

    Stop Stop Stop comparing with others, this is what we tend to do but we have to understand that this does not help but increases the insecurity, everyone is different and we should try to be the best version of yourself.

    At the end remember that there are many beautiful people around you and you are one of them…

    Mantra is that if you think you are Beautiful then ‘ YoU ArE BeAuTiFuL ’.