Monochromatic Makeup Look | BITE BEAUTY MULTISTICK

Hello My Beauties,

Hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a while me talking about beauty products so today’s post is on a beauty product that I have been loving lately and is a cool one 🤗. I did my whole face using Bite Beauty Multisticks. I used the color Creme Carmel for my eyes, cheeks and lips. I love this brand so much and I kind of challenge myself to create this look full face look using only one produt. The really cool thing about this is about the formula, they applies like a creme but when you start to blend it out it actually blends like a powder. It doesn’t feel like a lipstick on the skin. It has 35% powder in the bullet which makes it really easy to work with to it blend out.
( LINK To Buy )

A lot of you know that bite beauty products are actually made with food grade ingredients which is pretty amazing. You can use this a few different ways. You can use directly to your face with the bullet, you can use it with your fingers or you can go on with a beauty blender or a brush. It depends on your personal preference. They have 18 shades in the line and its basically like a 3 in 1 product, you can use it for eyes, cheeks and lips. The color creme caramel is a very warm peachy nude color. These are really really pigmented and they blend really well and you can built up the color as per your desire. I also used the stick to bronze up my skin a little and a side note I rubbed it on the back of my hand first to even out the product and lightly applied on it. It’s a cool, fun and easy way to use a product for so many different ways. It is a very versatile product. I love this because I don’t have to carry any eyeshadow, blush or a lipstick, I just use one color and anything that can cut down my daily makeup routine I’m all about that so, I really recommend it to everyone especially if you are someone always in rush. I have oily skin and they stay on my eyes, lips and cheeks through an entire work day.


Casual Chic | Summer Outfit 2017

Okay lets be honest no one likes to wake up early in the morning. Back in the days when i was studying I used to wake up at 5 , yeah i know. I’m trying to do that lately and trust me the struggle is real. So my 3 tips to be a better morning person are – 1. Take advantage of the night before. Do all the stuff in the night so that it will be easy in the morning ( eg- planning your outfit for the next day, preparing food food for the next day, etc. ).
2.  Go for a quick run/walk/workout in the morning.
3. Do not hit the snooze button. I keep my phone far away from my bed and it forces me to get up from my bed to turn it off and once you are already up it’s so much easy to stay up.
So those were my top tips to be a better morning person.

Now back to my fashion post I’m lately obssesed with crisp white and black denim and it will always be one of my favorite color combos. Pair it with a pop of blush simple strappy sandal and you’ve got a classic casual chic look.  This off the shoulder top which I wore it as a one shoulder top is perfect for a night out but also goes great with a pair of cutoffs for a more casual style.
When I saw these black skinny jeans I couldn’t resist and it’s a part of the NORDSTROM anniversary sale . The Transcend Hoxton High Waist Undone Hem Skinny Jeans from PAIGE totally sold me. Plus, they are now Sale for: $131.90 (Originally : $199.00) !! They are super flattering. I love them paired with these EGO (Angel Barely There Heel In Blush Faux Suede) ankle strap sandals. These heels go with everything–I wear them a few times a week. Definitely a closet staple and they are on sale right now, they won’t break the bank. Shoes Runs a little big, I’m wearing 7.5 ( or atleast mine did ) . 🙌🏻

Outfits Details – Link  | EGO Shoes – Link   |PAIGE DENIM – Link

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Hello My beauties,
Well well well  this week we got our Super Bowl shopping event ” THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE  YEEEYYYYYYYY !!” 🤗
It is a smorgasbord of new fall to winter arrivals at super heavy discounts. So, basically its not like traditional sales, here you can score latest and greatest items in insanely discounted prices.
This is a very good time to scan your closet like – basic cardigans, basic tee, comfortable shoes, are you a working person (like me) who needs some basic shirts for work. So it is a good sale to lock those item for you. Secondly, are there things that needs replacements or updated. You can shop your core pieces in your wardrobe that you wear regularly in you day to day and for me I like to stack up my favorite core items on this sale because nordstrom has pretty good quality basic and staples that lasts me long.
To stay on the track I suggest you to Set a budget & Create a game plan for this because this sale is very intense and very distracting hehe. This time I brought some basic tees, jeans, leggings, shoes for my office, cardegans because from personal experience these are the things that will sell out really quick. So if you are hitting the store grab a snack and a water bottel because this sale is crazy.
So below are my top picks this time you can click the items and reference it. I was little side tracked and got some of the items which where not on sale but I had points so anyway I got it.
 (Below 3 are not in sale )
♦ IMG_7082
♦ FullSizeRender (2)
♦ FullSizeRender (3)
I got some nice tops, blouses, dresses, soft moto tshirts- these are different type of breed compare to typical cotton t-shirt.. super comfortable and stretchy type of tee.
 _10194124   _100429127 _100838836 _101082429
_101007978    _100751615 _100342955 _100616999
_100854960   _9783481  _101060509  _100860155
_100241477    _100778544      _100723867    _101163295
  _101021519  _12589586      _101043358   _101190632
This year it starts at 13th July at midnight who have a Nordstrom Card but if you don’t have one you can sign up here. If you have a card you get earn points a lot faster.
     → 2 points per $ 1 spent any normal day
     → 2000 points = $ 20 Nordstrom Note that can be spent back at Nordstrom.
     → If you are Nordstrom card holder you get the Triple Point Days!
Where all your purchase within that 24 hour day you get 3 points per $1 spent.
So what I got is I save these triple point day for this Sale where I make my largest purchases.
But If you are not interested in the cards then you can Sign Up For Basic Nordstrom Rewards Program. ( No card needed ) All you need is your full name,  Phone Number and Your Email Addressand you can still earn points for all your purchases.
( Sale ends on Sunday 6th August )
Take care guys and good luck with the sale. 💗


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Bell sleeves romper | Summer ☀️ 

Hello my Beauties,

Last week I set my sights on this super adorable floral print romper (from Dillard’s ) for the warm daytime ensemble and this outfit is super girly and so comfortable. For me I  make sure the clothes that are flattering enough should definitely enter my closet and I’m lucky I found this Bell sleeved romper for the ultimate summer trend. The neckline has a sassy sash that ties it up in front and takes a sexy plunge down the front. It’s no secret that the long bell sleeves style crowd loves to inject a little drama into their outfits, and the statement sleeve is the ideal way to do so. It gives the outfit that extra charm. This one piece has the gauzy woven look and it leans into a playful silhouette. I wore this stunning wedges ( from G. H Brass ) to ease way the outfit more interesting without a ton of effort.  I literally found myself waving to strangers like a loon because I was so tickled by the look. If you’re going to embrace the bell sleeve, I think it’s best to lean into the playful silhouette. Lastly, I finished off the outfit with a ysl bag that I adore.


Romper – Dillard’s

Shoe – G. H bass

Instagram – link


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Hello My Beauties ,
Hope everyone is well. Today I want to share a post on my take on happiness, positivity and confidence because trust me, no one is happy always, there will be ups and downs in our lives because we’re normal people. I have bad days like everybody else , there are times when I cry and can’t control my emotions. It’s hard to see on the internet, what a person is going through and I want to help you guys by sharing my thoughts 💭 and how I normally do to get back to positivity and confidence.

Since there will be times when you will feel low and might think how to overcome those days.

I mean, Who doesn’t want to live a happy positive life right !?

For me I think the most important things that can really help you out are :

1. Appreciating everything in your life , from the big things to the little ones. Appreciating life in general that you have a roof or a family or someone besides you. Appreciating the very small things like pizza, trust me, when I get pizza I get so excited 😆 or loving yourself, your parents and friends, ice- cream, smoothie and flowers, etc. It brings joy to me. It just lights up my day.

2. You don’t have to compare yourself with someone’s else’s life because that’s how you don’t appreciate the things you have and also you don’t know how much they struggle to achieve their dreams. Never forget, grass is always greener on the other side. Look at the brighter side whenever you feel sad or unhappy. It’s totally ok to cry and let it out because it will affect a lot worse if you keep it inside but don’t let it last long.
The majority of us have so much drama and negativity, probably because of the people you are surrounded by.

You need friends , family or boyfriend/ girlfriend who are positive , have good energy, lift you up and help you to be a better person everyday.

So get rid of all those people who brings nothing but negativity or gossip about you because you don’t need them in your life. They need you more than you need them because they need something to talk about, because that’s how they feel good about themselves.

Best way to live a content life, full of joy and confidence is to look for happiness on a daily basis.

For example, having lunch with your friends, meeting your family or having a good positive conversation with someone.

Eat what you love , don’t wait for the weekend , go for a run, drink your favorite latte , do your makeup or wear a beautiful outfit that will lift you up on a Monday morning and will keep you away from all the blues.

Amaze people by a dress just like I did, hehe, yes! I got this off the shoulder floral Mini dress from ( Zaful ) and I fell in love with it immediately.

This has been the year when the Off-Shoulder trend came back and swept everyone. And, It was a perfect pick to add to my closet. I love its color, feminity and insouciance. I added my Puma sneakers to give myself a happy-go-lucky look, also because, as you all might have already noticed that I just love sneakers. It’s so comfortable and chic at the same time. I added a black sling bag to pretty things up.
Now, you can enjoy the pictures. 😘😘💗💗

Xoxo 😘

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Shein ( dress ) – Link  $ 85.97 USD ( currently on sale so hurry up )

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Boho Vibe | Off The Shoulder Maxi dress 🌼

Hello My Beauties,

Hope you all are in the best of your spirits. I’m here with a mid week fashion post because I clearly couldn’t hold my horses with this one.

I wore this off shoulder Maxi Dress from SHEIN. This dress is flattering on anyone and this cascading hem line moves so beautifully when you walk, that is really stood out! And I am in love with this color, it just reflects positive vibes and its great especially when you out from casual meets, picnics or even for a beach.

This is absolutely a girly fun outfit for day as well as night. I am finally penning down on my summer collection and I want to soften it up a bit and make the outfit more casual so I paired it with these flower corsage sandals from ASOS to take things to a little more of that bohemian festival level. I added my Cartier Love bracelet to the look and a leather tote shoulder handbag from Micom ( couldn’t find an online link)  ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed styling myself. See you all soon and have a pleasant day ahead. Stay beautiful in your own way :*
Xoxo ❤


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Off the shoulder Maxi Dress – LINK 

Flower Corsage Sandals – LINK 

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Floral Jeans 🌸 

Hello My Beauties,

I’m back with an another outfit blog and this time its a Floral mom jeans. Sometime dressing in summer can be difficult as you want an outfit which is comfortable, chic and light-weighted. New Orleans has such a colorful vibe that this outfit was perfect for a day on the town. It was little breezy though but altogether I had a fun Memorial Day Weekend!

I’m sure you Instagram addicts have already seen these jeans and this is absolutely perfect because I always love Topshop jeans . The classic old mom jeans is always my favorite, they are so easy to throw on and I already have one pair from Urban Outfitters, but they are the basic one. I love the fabric, the embroidery and silhouettes were perfect for a warm and windy weather. I wore a simple basic white Tee from J. Crew  ( I brought a large size to give that slouchy wide off shoulder and tie the knot t-shirt look ) for a more casual look because the jeans itself was doing all the talking 🤗. I opted for a Loafer mules for somewhat casual chic look and it is so comfy that I can spend hours wearing them.














As my friend Komal was happy with my hairstyle, so I will try to find the link to the video down below :*

Sometime travelling can be so action packed that you hardly get any time to get ready for dinner. This outfit can easily go from day to night which I personally love, especially on vacation. So, hope you guys found some inspiration and love the look. 💗


Xoxo 😘


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Floral Jenas : Link

Tee – Vintage Cotton T-shirt

Bag : Calvin Klein

My hairstyle is inspired by a YouTube video –

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