First Impression: Shaklee Youth Skincare Set

Cold weather almost always take a toll on my skin, but this year I’m taking a stance to combat dry, irritated skin. I’ve recently gotten into a great skincare routine using Shaklee products. I’m not gonna lie Normally I get little hesitate to change my skincare because no one wants breakout right! I gave them a try for one week and this products really worked for me. Now I’m obsessed! Their products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

YOUTH® Activating Serum

Ever since I have started using this serum, I receive so many compliments on my skin. I only use it at night and I still see results. My skin looks brighter and smoother and my fine lines have practically disappeared. A little goes a long way , I use one pump and apply to my problem areas on my face before moisturizer. This stuff just works really well with my skin.

my skin looked more even and toned, like I was extremely well-rested all the time.

YOUTH® Activating BB Cream

5-in-1 Beauty Balm for flawless, glowing skin-

Hands down the best BB cream out there! It isn’t thick like some. It allows your skin to breathe with still covering your problem areas. My skin gets dry in winter, and this product leaves a fresh & dewy looking skin the whole day. A must have but this is a BB Cream so don’t expect a lot of coverage.

They have a YOUTH® Radiance C+E

Powerful, patented formula to restore radiance and it

plumps, brighten, and visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Radiance C+E reduces the appearance of age spots, smooths skin texture, and improves overall skin tone. My face does feel more firm after using it and it is a great moisturizer too. It absorbs quickly leaving no residue .

I use once a day and you just have to gently twist off the tab and squeeze product onto your fingers.

I’m seriously obsessed with all of the products. My skin tends to be on the oilier side, but the winter weather makes it super dry which usually leads to small breakouts. Luckily these products have kept my skin under control.

Thanks to Shaklee for sponsoring this post.



With the holidays right around the corner, I’ve started planning out my outfits for upcoming events I’m attending. There are so many traditions between families on Thanksgiving, dressing for the holiday can sometimes be tricky. Even if casual style is appropriate for celebrating the day, there are still ways to be a little more dressed up than normal. Today I’m sharing a look from Mint that is perfect for Thanksgiving. 
 When planning my holiday look, I knew Mint would be the best destination to find an affordable ensemble. Between cozy knit sweaters, and feminine printed dresses, I knew I would not have a problem finding the perfect look. There are always so many new pieces to choose from at Mint , deciding on just one look was going to be tough!When I found Jumpsuit, I knew it would be the perfect item for the fall holiday. The rich red color in a luxurious texture pairs perfectly with any shoes, or Add a pair of high heel for a chic and sophisticated combination. This jumpsuit is just what you need for any fabulous affair! It’s so elegant and classy! That vibrant shade of red is so eye-catching and that strapless neckline is gorgeous! The ruffle detail is a lovely addition as well! This flattering beauty is a must have for this party season!  
There are currently so many beautiful & affordable pieces to inspire your next holiday look from Mint. 


Tis the season of oversized chunky everything — because really, there’s nothing comfier than cozying up in big, soft sweaters. They’re the perfect thing to wear when it’s freezing outside and you just want to be warm, cozy, but still look cute. Oversized pieces can easily go from looking cool to frumpy, so I’ve put together a few pointers on how to wear them the right way. Opt for a shorter oversized sweater. Sweaters that are too long can make your legs look shorter, which might be great if you’re super tall, but not ideal if you’re short. When in doubt, tuck the front of your sweater into your jeans or pants. If you’re worried about looking too casual, simply add a pump or heeled bootie to elevate the look. It doesn’t have to be fancy—my look is still super casual, but it elongates your legs and adds some edge to your look. If you really hate heels, opt for flats with a pointy toe that will give the illusion of longer legs too. For more casual look wear it with sneakers to run errands.

This soft and slouchy pullover knit with a touchable waffle texture and cool dropped shoulders is perfect when the temperature drops. The terracotta turns you into a walking teddy bear. It is so comfortable and flattering, despite it being a little over-sized. Today is my first time getting to wear it (thanks, Texas) and I’ve already received numerous compliments on my sweater. Sleeves run very long though, but I think that’s the look. The bell sleeves are a lovely touch and I adore the thick stitching. Perfect for a fall and winter winery trip or a sushi lunch. The sweater is short and boxy so I don’t recommend sizing up. I purchased it in the terracotta color and it’s lovely – more a burnt orange than the red in the actual picture. the chunky waffle knit and oversized fit.


Sweater – Free People

Jeans – Similar

Heels – Manola Blahnik

Handbag – YSL

Sunglasses – Ray Ban


A staple in any closet, fall is the best time to work one back into your everyday look. We all know a trench coat is a wardrobe staple everybody should own and there are no excuses to it. Regarding your style, age or lifestyle, a trench coat will always be useful season after season. You can wear it as much as you want, with whatever you want – keep it classy or casual , don’t sweat it! Either with elegant dresses, favorite jeans or palazzo trousers, high heels or red boots or why not, even a pink tracksuit.
This season this classic item got an update: inspired by men’s trench coats from the late 80s and early 90s (I know my father had one), the new style is as long as possible and as oversized as possible. What you are really worried about is looking huge in a oversized coat but you really have to create a sense of proportion. This is a classic oversized 100% cotton trench coat that I invested this year and I even bought it one size bigger than what I usually wear. That’s another trick to it. It can be worn wrapped, belted or buttoned for fabulous styling versatility.

The best thing about it? It will give a very chic touch to any outfit! I always wanted to invest on a quality one and this one is just perfect. This is a good way to add some dimensions to your style and It’s perfect for those days that are chilly and in between weather.

All the high-street brands will be offering trenches, too. Good luck wearing one in this fall.




There’s always something about fashion that pops, a piece that gets people talking.  After all, what’s a more flattering conversation starter than “Oh my gosh, I love your outfit!”

Well today I’m teaming up with Selfie_Leslie and sharing one of my favorites piece from there collection. Recently they ask me to choose a dress specifically to wear to a cocktail party this past weekend and it might be one of my favorite dresses of all time! This dress is giving me all the feels right now.

That neckline with appealing cut outs and the asymmetry is refreshingly bold, while sheer sleeves are positively timeless! The fabric, the neckline, the intricate stitching on the bodice renders a wow-status.

Dresses like these need few-to-no accessories, but if you like, feel free to pile on the glam with a statement bracelet, chandelier earrings, or a sophisticated up-do to complement the style.

Got a calendar full of RSVP’s?  There’s plenty of styles to go around!  Browse there designer dress collection that’s just brimming with eclectic options.  Because I, too, believe in Love At First Dress.


Selfie Leslie Dress

All The Accessories


The little black dress has been, and will always be, a woman’s wardrobe staple. It’s the old-faithful, yet timeless choice. Plus, it’s our go-to for any event that calls for chic.
A smart and fashionable woman never underestimates the power of a great little black dress, one that attracts all the stares in the room despite its dark color.
Truthfully, I have lots of little black dresses, but this one really stood out to me this time. It’s probably because I have fall on the brain, but the heavier weight of this dress is perfect. Immediately, I could see myself wearing it at Autumn weddings or special events this fall. What’s so great about this particular little black dress is that it has crew neck cold shoulder style in embroidered lace throughout. I will always invest in a staple especially when it’s this affordable – Now 69% off . Truly, this off the shoulder black dress is simply exceptional.
Just an extremely well-designed dress with all the right lengths, hems, fits, and detailing. It zips in the back, adding some extra class to the hottest trend of the season (off shoulder everything) and comes in two colors. More than that, this off the shoulder black dress is perfect for just about any occasion! A fall wedding, a date night, or general weekending when paired with sandals and a cute bag. Suffice it to say, this is a staple you need in your closet and perhaps in more than one color!
With the right layers, this dress can take your from work, to brunch, to a party and to dinner next day .
Dressing up your LBD for the evening you layering on a touch of leather and a few head turning accessories and you are good to go.
DRESS – Laundry by Shelli Segal-Cold Shoulder Embroidered Dress
BAG – Soho leather disco bag
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My Spa Day Routine and current favorite skin care products| 2017

Happy Sunday Everyone! Today I’m sharing some of current favorite morning skin care products that I have been loving lately and wanted to share with you.


Sometimes when I want to stimulate both my mind and body and have a spa day at home, specially on Sundays; I really love to take a bubble bath. I will either listen to some soothing music or just contemplating my thoughts  while I’m in the bath. If you are looking for bubble bath this is the product that you need, it makes my bathroom smells like a aroma therapy experience and leaves the skin supple, clean and luxurious aromatic fragrant. If you are the person maybe like having a little bit of trouble day wants to sleep a little bit better, soaking in a this spa bath is unlike anything to relax and rejuvenate.


After a shower or bath, I put little bit of this in hand, legs and basically on my whole body. It cuts the time of my daily morning routine to half  and that’s the reason I love it so much. I don’t need a real moisturizer after this normally. It kind of leaves a luxurious feel to it and feels like I have come out of a spa. It’s really hard to describe how much of a treat this is in the shower until and unless you use this, it just feels like you are doing something really good about your skin.


When It comes to minimum makeup and you always want to make sure that your skin look beautiful and clean. You have to feel very good about your skin and skin care for me is such a huge part of how I keep my skin healthy. I wasn’t blessed with great skin gene and I had problem with my skin pretty much when I was a teenager so I really do like to put my time and effort to really take care of my skin so I really do see the major benefit.

Lately I have been using this one and most important part of your skincare is moisturizer in terms of delivering nutrients to the skin and this has been my go-to moisturizing cream everyday. Its loaded with very great ingredients to really help and when you start using something like this regularly you will really start to see a different in your skin within a matter of few days so it is a very powerful, I’m not gonna lie it just changed my skin care routine and now I can’t live without this moisturizer. This is the only product I’ve been using on my face after shower. The best part is it is non- greasy so I can put makeup after this and it just makes my foundation go smooth without been greasy. It’s not thick and soaks in really quickly. It has a very calming smell. I feel so fresh and my skin is getting clearer after using this. I get dry patches around my nose and jaw line but  i’m not having any dry patches since I started using this. It has reduced my breakouts and left my skin a even texture, in a faster time frame than expected. The Price is worth it, its not overly priced. There are products that cost less and don’t work at all so I’m happy to find this product, It will be my holly grail product from now on.


My last essential step to my morning routine is hand cream that is non greasy and trust me there are hand creams that are greasy and eventually makes your makeup and hair greasy because you touch them everytime and I hate that feeling but this is like a game changer for me in terms of hand cream. It just nourish the skin and locks moisture all day without being tacky.

I’m always very careful about what I put in my skin and that’s the reason I love to invest on products like this which makes my skin younger and beautiful. So little tip – If you are trying to save money for a good skin care product than try saving your money on makeup and invest something good for your skin. Ultimately, in long run you have to take care of your skin because our skin gets older and damaging day by day. So start taking care of your skin and when your skin is good your makeup will look good.

Let me know about your favorite products this month and I really want to try some more skin care products that is beneficial and would love your suggestions.