Hello My Beauties ,
Hope everyone is well. Today I want to share a post on my take on happiness, positivity and confidence because trust me, no one is happy always, there will be ups and downs in our lives because we’re normal people. I have bad days like everybody else , there are times when I cry and can’t control my emotions. It’s hard to see on the internet, what a person is going through and I want to help you guys by sharing my thoughts 💭 and how I normally do to get back to positivity and confidence. 

Since there will be times when you will feel low and might think how to overcome those days. 

I mean, Who doesn’t want to live a happy positive life right !?

For me I think the most important things that can really help you out are : 

1. Appreciating everything in your life , from the big things to the little ones. Appreciating life in general that you have a roof or a family or someone besides you. Appreciating the very small things like pizza, trust me, when I get pizza I get so excited 😆 or loving yourself, your parents and friends, ice- cream, smoothie and flowers, etc. It brings joy to me. It just lights up my day. 

2. You don’t have to compare yourself with someone’s else’s life because that’s how you don’t appreciate the things you have and also you don’t know how much they struggle to achieve their dreams. Never forget, grass is always greener on the other side. Look at the brighter side whenever you feel sad or unhappy. It’s totally ok to cry and let it out because it will affect a lot worse if you keep it inside but don’t let it last long. 
The majority of us have so much drama and negativity, probably because of the people you are surrounded by. 

You need friends , family or boyfriend/ girlfriend who are positive , have good energy, lift you up and help you to be a better person everyday. 

So get rid of all those people who brings nothing but negativity or gossip about you because you don’t need them in your life. They need you more than you need them because they need something to talk about, because that’s how they feel good about themselves. 

Best way to live a content life, full of joy and confidence is to look for happiness on a daily basis. 

For example, having lunch with your friends, meeting your family or having a good positive conversation with someone. 

Eat what you love , don’t wait for the weekend , go for a run, drink your favorite latte , do your makeup or wear a beautiful outfit that will lift you up on a Monday morning and will keep you away from all the blues. 

Amaze people by a dress just like I did, hehe, yes! I got this off the shoulder floral Mini dress from ( Zaful ) and I fell in love with it immediately. 

This has been the year when the Off-Shoulder trend came back and swept everyone. And, It was a perfect pick to add to my closet. I love its color, feminity and insouciance. I added my Puma sneakers to give myself a happy-go-lucky look, also because, as you all might have already noticed that I just love sneakers. It’s so comfortable and chic at the same time. I added a black sling bag to pretty things up. 
Now, you can enjoy the pictures. 😘😘💗💗

Xoxo 😘 

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Shein ( dress ) – Link  $ 85.97 USD ( currently on sale so hurry up ) 

Boho Vibe | Off The Shoulder Maxi dress 🌼

Hello My Beauties,

Hope you all are in the best of your spirits. I’m here with a mid week fashion post because I clearly couldn’t hold my horses with this one.

I wore this off shoulder Maxi Dress from SHEIN. This dress is flattering on anyone and this cascading hem line moves so beautifully when you walk, that is really stood out! And I am in love with this color, it just reflects positive vibes and its great especially when you out from casual meets, picnics or even for a beach.

This is absolutely a girly fun outfit for day as well as night. I am finally penning down on my summer collection and I want to soften it up a bit and make the outfit more casual so I paired it with these flower corsage sandals from ASOS to take things to a little more of that bohemian festival level. I added my Cartier Love bracelet to the look and a leather tote shoulder handbag from Micom ( couldn’t find an online link)  ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed styling myself. See you all soon and have a pleasant day ahead. Stay beautiful in your own way :*
Xoxo ❤


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Off the shoulder Maxi Dress – LINK 

Flower Corsage Sandals – LINK 


Floral Jeans 🌸 

Hello My Beauties,

I’m back with an another outfit blog and this time its a Floral mom jeans. Sometime dressing in summer can be difficult as you want an outfit which is comfortable, chic and light-weighted. New Orleans has such a colorful vibe that this outfit was perfect for a day on the town. It was little breezy though but altogether I had a fun Memorial Day Weekend!

I’m sure you Instagram addicts have already seen these jeans and this is absolutely perfect because I always love Topshop jeans . The classic old mom jeans is always my favorite, they are so easy to throw on and I already have one pair from Urban Outfitters, but they are the basic one. I love the fabric, the embroidery and silhouettes were perfect for a warm and windy weather. I wore a simple basic white Tee from J. Crew  ( I brought a large size to give that slouchy wide off shoulder and tie the knot t-shirt look ) for a more casual look because the jeans itself was doing all the talking 🤗. I opted for a Loafer mules for somewhat casual chic look and it is so comfy that I can spend hours wearing them.














As my friend Komal was happy with my hairstyle, so I will try to find the link to the video down below :* 

Sometime travelling can be so action packed that you hardly get any time to get ready for dinner. This outfit can easily go from day to night which I personally love, especially on vacation. So, hope you guys found some inspiration and love the look. 💗


Xoxo 😘


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Floral Jenas : Link

Tee – Vintage Cotton T-shirt

Bag : Calvin Klein

My hairstyle is inspired by a YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXJ0QOTcvBE


In Full Bloom | Rose Embroidery

Hello My Beauties,

Thank you for coming back to my blog. I have been obsessed recently with anything that is rose or floral, its so dainty and cute. This new embroidery trend looks much more refined and expensive. So get ready to embrace jewel toned stitches this season! I for sure see myself wearing embroidered everything. 

I think the use of embroidered appliques which have much more depth to them is more fun than patterned fabric. The stitched flowers and textiles are nearly three dimensional and really catch the light, showing off their exquisite detailing.It is a remarkable way to tie in summer to the collections. Today I’m wearing a black crop top from ZAFUL with rose going down on it and I paired with a Moto Denim skirt from TOPSHOP. The roses are so pretty and they are so flattering. It has a Flare sleeves with rose embroidered, the detailing is gorgeous and I think spring/summer deserves an eye-popping bouquet of flowers. From that scene-stealing summer party dress, to the Formica prints that will energize your new season  begins with bold blooms. The normally floral-esque designs  were even more stunning this season thanks to the use of embroidered flowers.




















For me the throwback style has never felt more right now. I’m loving the Contemporary fashion inspired by ethnic silhouettes and details but yeah just don’t go floral from head to toe. Mix your styles with other fashion styles to come up with your own chic, updated, fun looks. Hope you enjoy the blog and and keep your eye out for flowing patterns and flowering petals of thread during your next shopping trip. Get ready to see more flower embroidered clothes in the blog hehe, I know I’m just obsessed.

Xoxo 😘 

Link – ZAFUL  – top 

           TOPSHOP – denim skirts 

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Off-The-Shoulder Top & Denim

Hello My Beauties,

Today I thought I will share my favorite trend right now i.e Off The Shoulder Tops. They are everywhere , i’m obsessed with them and i feel like they are here to stay for a while. So, no longer a trendy item we can almost classified them as a staple. Since its debut, the style has evolved to take the form of a variety of new silhouettes that you absolutely must know about. There are one-shoulder, cutout, asymmetrical, and strappy counterparts that are just as stylish. I like this particular one from American Eagle and I like to styled it with a high waist blue denim.  This top features a drawstring at the chest for an adjustable fit that can be worn on or tugged in. I love the fact that it has a tie-front, short bell sleeves and ruffle trim.

With the rapid expansion of a trend like this, it seems only natural that it would eventually die down, but exactly the opposite has happened with the off-the-shoulder craze. In other words, it’s a style that flatters a wide range of body types, a contrast to other recent fads. That was a reason not just to dip a toe in the trend by offering a few pieces, but to really run with it.






Part bohemian, part austere, the ideal style has a structured bodice and If you buy one top this season, make it an off-the-shoulder one. Monochrome with denim is always a good idea. I had a lot of fun coming up with this look along with American Eagle and I hope you loved it too. 

Xoxo 😘 




Beauty Blender | Why I Reach Them More Than A Brush

Hello My Beauties,

Today I’m going to talk about Beauty Blender and why I reach them more then a brush!
So to begin, well I use them doing everything while I’m applying foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, baking my under-eye and any other complexion product! This is my all time favorite beauty product. If you don’t know what a beauty blender is – it is a sponge applicator and a non-latex foam to apply makeup. 

The Beauty blender brand is the original one and there are lot of copies that have come out after this but for me personally I have tried the other ones and nothing works quit as same as the original one. This has some secrete formulation and is totally latex free. Latex absorbs the makeup and most of the dupes are made of latex that’s the reason they absorbs half the makeup into it, when you will try the dupes half face and trying the original one on the other half you will notice that none of them will give you the finish, also this is very soft and squeeze. Others feels like a hard latex sponge and don’t give that flawless application. It is worth to spend the money then buying 3-4 dupes which wears out easily after few weeks.
But if you have one and you must be wondering why does everyone says this is best tool out there and sometime you will be like maybe I’m not using it right or is it worth the money? So just want to share with you little bit about them.
So first they come with different colors and it looks small before you wet them. When you run under the water it starts to puff up a little bit, squeeze out the excess and dry out with a paper towel or towel. So when you apply makeup with a beauty blender it gives a flawless, streak-less and a airbrush makeup look , it doesn’t look heavy or cakey.

Brushes Vs Beauty Blender: 
Now there are many high end brushes that works great with different foundation but I prefer beauty blender because you are pressing it into the skin so you are going to feel it covering all the pores 360 degrees as well as any other acne scares because face is multi-dimensional and brush will give you brush strokes. Unlike brush it doesn’t look heavy on the skin.

Pro Tips & Tricks for Flawless makeup : 

Here are some tips for a flawless application and the makeup that will last, look good personally and also in pictures 🤗. 
1. Wet, Bounce & Twist- Always use it wet, never use it dry and when you apply bounce and twist or dab.

2. Did you know that you can use a damp beauty blender to apply skin care. I apply serums & primers and the cooling effect of the damp beauty blender on the skin a actually helps reduce swelling and puffiness you might have around your eyes when you wake up in the morning.

3. Using you beauty blender to apply self tanner. When you apply it with a beauty blender it reduces the risk of patchiness or lines on the skin.

4. Applying foundation with a damp beauty blender. I prefer beauty blender over brush to apply foundation because it gives the airbrush effect to the skin and no streaky lines.

5. Applying Concealer – I find it to be best method to applying and blending out concealer underneath the eyes. I would say definitely that when you use it to blend out concealer you nearly a 100% reduce the chances of the makeup creasing and settling into the fine-lines around the eye.

6. Applying powder to set the face and if there is anything this will be my number 1 tip because it completely changes the look of your skin. So, take a damp beauty blender directly into the powder and go directly into the skin using dabbing motion to apply the product. You can bake and also set the entire face and trust me it will minimize the appearance of pores and fine-lines.

7. Also try applying cream bronzer and cream blush with a damp beauty blender, i assure you it will change you game of applying makeup to the next level.

Last hack is to use beauty blender to apply mascara … Just kidding 😂 , don’t ever do that guys hehe! I really hope you liked this post and hope it will help to make your makeup look flawless.
Xoxo 😘 


Spring Fashion Trends | 2017

Hello My Beauties,

Spring is definitely the time of the year to be bit more adventurous with your wardrobe and go bold 🤗. It is probably my favorite season weather wise, i think its very fresh and crisp outside and its little bit chilly. These are some trends which i like to wear personally and  I think this year it is going to be more like 70’s and 80’s kind of vibe.

LOOK 1: PowerHouse 

I’ve always been choosy with what I wear because I want it to resemble a look that makes me the most comfortable and yet trendy -A look that exudes Class. I love floral –  I know 😋 floral is Spring ‘ground breaking ‘! I like my style to be more 70’s kind of psychedelic floral this year. I love floral printed peasant-style blouse because its very comfy to wear. In this look I’m wearing a slender ties detail floral blouse with split neckline atop from NordstromCrop trousers –  Crop trousers are huge at the moment and I’m so into them because I feel like crop is much more flattering on me. I like high waist and crop ankles, crop denims, etc to bring that power house look. I love this one particularly from Macy’s because it is easy, comfortable and effortless slouchy-woven trousers that tapers to ankle baring cuffed hems.  Whiskey leather Bag from Nordstrom.  DSC_0022




Look 3: Denim & Romper

Distressed Denim jacket- For me denim jackets are timeless and you can pair it with fennel shirts, jeans, rompers, dress, shorts,etc.  I really like the white fading that you don’t see typically in denim jackets and i really love that it is distressed. I pick this up from TOPSHOP and I have been loving every second of it. I prefer that it has the signature pockets and a roomy fit to it. The Denim quality is amazing and have really cool distressed details on it hence making it a subtle combination. Romper –  I can see me wearing rompers like every day this summer, they are so comfortable. I like this particular short romper from H&M.  It is sweet and sassy, and playful which features a springy floral print and lustrous polka dots that catch the light just so. Finally I paired the look with my favorite NIKE kicks.






Look 4: Careless Spin

Graphic Tee’s – I like graphic tee’s a lot and it has generally come around recently a lot and has became something very huge. I have seen so many people wearing old school Gucci logo t-shirt. I love them, they are so sassy and fun and just draw the eye to it. What truly irks my interest in this piece of fabric, the staunch thick material which can make a simple basic t-shirt go from basic to uber cool. I picked mine from Pacsun and all i did was tied the ends of the Tee into a knot to give that careless spin Over-sized fishnets – Texture, dimension and allure are what make fishnets so classic and i love wearing them with my ripped jeans. This is a trend that i love and have seen so much recently, tights with ripped jeans, which sounds horrible but it actually looks really really cool. I have no idea from where this trend came from or why it became popular, but its something that is viral on all the social media platforms and i really like it. Fish net sleeves- i feel like that is also making a huge comeback, like a Gothic kind of culture but with a very fashion forward kind of way. Oversize fish net is a very cool trend but i know its not going to be for everyone. I paired the look with my G. H Bass brown leather aviator sneakers.  Jeans– I paired it with a ragged tears and distressed shredding serious distressed jeans from Urban Outfitters. It has the rough-and-tumble vibe of ultra-cropped silhouette jeans cut to give a svelte look.



Those are some of the trend which I have been loving this upcoming season which I can see definitely in my spring/summer wardrobe. There are so many cool things coming up and I just want to go crazy and buy them all. So, I really hope some of the outfits inspired you a little bit to try something new or something you can look out for when you next go to the shops. Most important thing when it comes to fashion is what you like and feel more comfortable to wear. 💗


Xoxo 😘

What I Ate Today | Homemade recipes| Easy

Hello my beauties,

Today I’m going to share with you What I Ate In A Day. Obviously I don’t eat these everyday 😋 but its Just one specific day and I hope you guys will enjoy them making at home for yourselves and let me know if you want to see some more recipes in future.

Note: You can add or subtract any ingredients/products of your choice!

Now Let’s get started!

1.  I start my day with water ( I try my best to drink 8-ounce glasses in a day) and a huge cup of freshly brewed coffee. I use almond milk or coconut milk in my coffee because recently for some reason I have been breaking-out when I use dairy.  So giving a break to dairy for now. IMG_3565

2. After 1 hour I usually make my breakfast such as oats, smoothie and today I thought I will make Açaí Bowl and who doesn’t like Açaí bowl! They are a power house of anti-oxidants and very nutritious, so here is the recipe I usually use to make them. Normally, I don’t decorate them but since I had to take some cute pictures for the post so I thought I will decorate them, and honestly you will never get bored if your breakfast looks so instagram-able so I prefer decorating them more often!  🤗 IMG_3570
If you are on the Açaí bowl bandwagon like me then below is a quick and easy recipe :-

•1 packet of Açaí :-  (My my favorite brand is Tambor – their açaí products are wild harvested and non-GMO project verified.)

•1 ripped banana

•1 cup frozen fruits ( berries, mangoes, dates ,etc)

•3/4 cup of almond milk ( or your choice of milk)

•1 tbsp chia seeds ( topping )

•1 sliced banana ( topping)

•1/2 cup of granola ( topping )

•Sprinkles of coconut flakes ( topping )


•Blend Açaí , banana, almond milk and berries in high speed blender. Remember mixture should be very thick.

•Pour into bowl and top with banana, strawberries, granola, chia seeds and coconut flakes. ( or any other topping of your choice)

3. Veg- Stri Fry with Rice Noodles is an easy and delicious day meal with healthy ingredients and a 30 mins one pan recipe. You can also use meat but since there was no meat at my house so I thought of using Shiitake Mushrooms instead. IMG_3567.JPG

Ingredients: ( serves 4)

• 1 onion , 3 oz Shiitake Mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, 1 tbsp garlic and a handful of spinach.

• Chicken Broth

• ketchup, soy sauce

• Rice Noodles

• Spices – cayenne pepper, basil, tyme, parsley, salt and pepper

• Oil – Olive oil ( or any oil you prefer)


• Bring medium size pan of salted water to a boil. Add noodles and cook them on medium heat as suggested in the packet , or until barely tender. Drain and stir in 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

• In a large wok or skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil over high heat, add all the veggies and stir-fry for about 3 minutes.

• In a mixing bowl combine chicken stock, soy sauce and ketchup. And add this to the veggies and stir for another 3 mins.

• Add noddles to the skillet and stir-fry for 3 minutes or until everything is cooked through.

Right before serving drizzle some spinach and Grab a fork and enjoy! 😉

* I usually have some sort of Smoothie at this point of time (post workout) but since it’s Sunday we ressstt 😋 and had a cup of coffee today, actually I drink coffee all the time, whole day. 😷

4. For evening I always have some sort of protein bar. They’re the size of an average snack or a small meal and can fit into just about any diet plan. It is a dream for anyone with a sweet tooth. IMG_3568

5. For dinner I usually have some kind of Salad, Indian cuisine or go out to eat but today I was not feeling that hungry so I thought of making an easy recipe, so I ate Avocado and ham Toast with side of some Strawberries 🍓 ! It’s healthy, simple, and delicious and best of all, it’s super easy to make and ready in under 5 minutes. In fact, this recipe is so simply we can hardly call it a recipe but I had to share it with you guys because of how good it is! IMG_3564

This recipe is for simple avocado toast but the possibilities are endless. Sometimes I like to zest up the avocado toast and top it with tomatoes, bacon, beans, jalapeno, spinach, salmon, or pretty much anything else!

You can also eat this for breakfast.
Ingredients : 

1 Avocado 🥑

• 2 tbsp chopped cilantro

• half chopped tomatoe

• handful of Spinach

• juice of half lemon

• chopped becon

• smoked ham

• salt & pepper to taste

• Cheese 🧀 ( any kind )

• 2 slices of whole grain bread

• Side: Strawberries


To begin, simply toast your bread; You can use any kind of toast or sliced bread you have but I like to use crusty bread or whole grain toast. Next, smash an avocado in a small bowl with a fork. Add cilantro, lime, becon, tomato and salt + pepper then spread the mixture on the avocado. Add smoked ham, spinach and Sprinkle with cheese, pepper flakes and serve. Voila !

Xoxo 😘


Makeup Shaming Needs To Stop!

Hello My Beauties,

This is a topic that gets me kind of heated up. Normally, I don’t talk about these things but after I saw NIKKIE TUTORIALS about Makeup Shaming and its crazy how makeup shaming is still a thing since after her video on Power Of Makeup blew up on the internet last year. Makeup shaming is very much still alive.

I’m really tired of people always having negative to say about makeup. I want to ask them – what is the issue with makeup? I really don’t get it! From various social media comments, not just in my profile but on other people too, from degrading twitter post where guys say ‘ Bring this girl swimming on your first date’. You all need to stop saying that because we don’t wear makeup to impress you. That’s really sounds stupid to us.

– by  Unknown
A lot of girls have makeup collection a worth of couple thousand dollars, including me, and I’m not spending that kind of money, time and energy and effort I put doing my makeup just to impress you.  A lot of people also think that- one who does makeup is very insecure! Half of the time when we do makeup we don’t even leave the house, I do it just to test or experiment with some looks or products. Of course, I don’t wear makeup everyday , that’s not reasonable or practically possible! Some day I will walk out with no makeup to run my errands or to do grocery shopping. But If I do have the time, I love to get all glam up! By all means, there are good people too, who appreciate makeup like my husband, I feel lucky that atleast he doesn’t say any bad word about this, from the very beginning.

First of all there is not much difference between a natural look and colorful makeup look, its just the colors, like you still wearing the same amount of makeup. So, you are not wearing more makeup just because you are wearing a colorful eyeshadow or pink,blue,black lips rather then a nude lipstick. I love nudes but don’t let others to hold back just because they want to experiment with other colors.

From comparing girl to girl just because experiencing an art and something so fun, from some people telling me before ‘Wow You Wearing A lot Of Makeup!’ Why you are wearing so much makeup? You don’t need it! ”My girl doesn’t wear makeup, still she look naturally beautiful!” But seriously that’s her choice, why are you telling me, what does that have to do with me? Good for her!

That’s like me wearing a shirt and people telling me all day that why you are wearing a shirt.  You choose whatever you want to put in your face just like whatever dress you want to wear. Like some people are into fashion, I’m into Fashion , I like to dress up my body and I like to dress my face and I really don’t see anything wrong with that.

All the makeup haters  need to understand that makeup is an art form to us, whether you believe it or not. It’s the way to express someone’s creativity. No one will wear a yellow Lipstick to impress someone ! I don’t judge you when you do your haircut or shave or apply cream on your face or body. So why on earth you judging me? I wear makeup because that’s one of my hobby, I love playing with colors, and shadows and show my creativity. If I don’t practice with my looks, shadows, blush or bronzers and all that , how am I suppose to get better at my art? It’s just Painting in a piece of paper and the canvas is your face.

A lot of girls are criticized because of the amount of makeup they wear and portrait as fake. It’s like Makeup is still a taboo thing to people.  Creativity and passion should be uplifted not brought down by harsh words.

My Message here girls/boys is that even when it comes to other thing like makeup, in any part of you life , if someone trying to tell you they don’t like the way you do things or your appearance, it can be really hard to brush off those questions , and trust me I get that too, Tell them that you’re wearing makeup for your damn self. Its the thing that makes us happy, so I will continue to do that and you should follow your passion too.

This is just a little message to all the makeup lovers, I hope that it will help you. Maybe you just needed that extra boost and that extra encouragement to do what you love! 💗

Xoxo 😘

P.S: And for all the makeup haters – If you don’t like makeup that’s perfectly fine, not everybody is going to like everything, that is the beauty of life, that is what makes all of us different, but don’t judge us by questioning and expressing negativity! Why would you want to make someone feel bad for expressing their creativity? Spread Love Not Hate!

What do Eye Bags Reveals About Your Health ||

Hello My Beauties,

Eye Bags are named given to the puffy, fluid filled, bag-like shaped that appears underneath the eyes. It often gets confused with Dark Circles because it often appears in the same time. The eye bag sometimes creates a shadow under the eyes, looking like dark circles. The good news is we are not born with eye bags and one of the major cause is pretty much aging. Something that we can’t stop but we can definitely help ease the process. Eye bags usually occurs at around age 28 in women because that’s optimum peaking age for us. Its pretty much downhill from there. Now due to environmental pollution, preservatives in foods we eat, technology radiation sometimes you can notice eye bags as early as 23 – 25 years old. At around 35 years old that’s when the first sign of aging kicks in. The skin around the eyes is no acception to the rest of the body. You will notice that the eyes will start to loss Elasticity, causing sagging on both top and bottom eyelids; the fat around the eyes will also begin to move and will cause wrinkles and folds will start to form as well.

Ofcourse there are other factors that causes eye bags including – Hormonal imbalance, anemia, nutritional deficiency, stress, allergies, infections and illnesses, sleeping positions or lack of sleep.

Traditionally there are 3 major types of Eye Bags and i will be sharing with you what causes them and how to treat them.

1.SPLEEN EYE BAGS: The appearance of these eye bags is usually shinny and swollen. You can also notice such as fat or swollen tongue, teeth mark on the side of the tongue, you will also notice lack of energy , feeling sleepy at daytime and awake at nightime and sometime diarrhea. If you experience such symptoms, it mean your body is trying to take better care of your spleen. This organ plays a big role in the immune system and helps to purify the blood.

Treatments: It is highly suggested to consume Barley – ,

Yam –

and Qianshi (Gorgon fruit) congee-


2. KIDNEY EYE BAGS: Appearance of these eye bags is usually green and bruised looking. Almost like someone gave you a black-eye. The company symptoms include – swallow tongue with white layer on top, you may have ulcers, sweat a lot, weal legs, you’re thirty all the time, sore muscles and frequent urination. This is your body’s way of telling you to take better care of your kidneys because it takes care of the waste disposal in the body & cleanses the blood continuously.

Treatments: The Treatments includes eating GOGI Berries

and handful of consuming Gogi berries daily will not only improve your general heath but it gets rid of those annoying eye bags.


3. TEMPORARY EYE BAGS: These eye bags are usually swallow or puffy from crying or bloating. Now these normally disappears after a couple of hours but usually you will feel warm sensation or skin tightening around the eyes.

Treatments: There are several treatments to get rid of those eye bags ranging from – applying ice-cubes


or tea bags

and even eye masks but I find the best way is using Frozen Corn

and place over the eyes to de-puff. Eye creams also helps in getting rid of those eye bags.

So that it for what your eye bags tells about your health. I hope it will help for those who are struggling to get rid of it and if you have any questions comment down below and hope i will try to answer it as much as I know!

Xoxo 💗💗💗💗