Sweater weather is better weather

Eventually, winter will give way to spring. Although it seems like a lifetime away, seasons do change–and it’s good to be prepared. Sweaters have the distinct honor of being MVPs for a reason: They’re useful year-round! While you’ll inevitably put the chunky jackets and vests away as temperatures rise, you won’t need to push all your sweaters to the back of the closet. They’re still your wardrobe BFFs when spring comes around. You’ll appreciate the way they warm you up when you’re wearing a sleeveless dress, for example.


In Fall season as temperatures start to fall and skies begin to darken, attention naturally shifts to the clothes that will soon dominate your wardrobe. Through the chilliest days and nights of the year, the humble sweater plays a significant role in helping you stay warm, comfortable, and stylish when it matters the most. Even when you aren’t particularly focused on dressing up–maybe you’re more concerned with braving those brisk elements–you can trust that your sweater will step in and pull things together anyway.

Sweaters Are Just Plain Easy

Forget about spending countless minutes in front of the closet every day. The eternal “what to wear” struggle is real, but it’s not quite as bad when there’s a sweater involved. The great thing about sweaters is that they really are just that easy. You don’t have to consider how to wear it, what to wear it with, or whether it will look right. There’s a sweater for everything, which means your outfit-planning worries are a thing of the past–at least during sweater season. Grab the sweater, wear the high-rise jeans, step into the cords, or pull on the skirt. Finish with sneakers, boots, or heels. Done!

They Keep You Toasty

Much like the bear hug that soothes your soul, the mug of piping hot chai that keeps you going in the morning, or that sensation you experience as soon as you step inside after an all-too-long commute home, a sweater can warm you up like a charm. Something is comforting and almost nurturing about the sweater in all of its iterations. The feeling of cashmere or wool brushing against your skin is gentle and inviting, especially on brisk days when you would much rather stay at home. While you probably can’t do that if you have commitments in your schedule, you can grab a sweater before you head out the door.

They Layer So Well

Sweater season is layering season. The two go hand in hand, and you can trust that when there’s a sweater around, there’s probably a layer or two underneath it. What you choose to wear underneath is entirely based on what’s happening outside. Some people can get away with a light tank on a breezy day, but you might need something more substantial if the weather calls for it. Turtlenecks look incredibly chic when worn beneath chunky shawl collar sweaters and paired with skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots. Shorter cable-knit sweaters look even more stylish when they’re layered over a plain tee in a contrasting color. Think outside of the box–you can even mix and match colors and patterns to make your winter wardrobe more exciting.

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