Timeless fashion pieces every woman needs


You may think it’s impossible — and expensive — to whip together a complete wardrobe full of timeless fashion pieces, but it’s easier than you might think. A few classic designer pieces are all you need to mix and match looks that can become staples in your closet.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, investing in high-quality, timeless designer pieces that will last you for years — decades even — can be worthwhile and save you hundreds or even thousands in the long run. So are you ready to upscale your wardrobe and get more cost per wear? Here are the 7 must-have classic designer pieces to get you started!

1. Black Dress (The quintessential timeless fashion piece!)

This one may seem obvious, but the LBD is iconic for a reason. Perfect for date nights, evenings out, and formal events, a great little black dress should make you feel like a million bucks — but shouldn’t cost you as much!

Most stylists recommend shopping for a dress that hits you at your knees or slightly above to make it work for just about any occasion.

2. Classic coat :

The Burberry trench coat may be the most well-known of all timeless fashion pieces, but you don’t have to spring for a thousand-dollar jacket to enjoy this trend. A classic, well-tailored trench in classic tan or black or pink is all you need to look chic and effortlessly pulled together

3. A white dress :

Cool, and easy to dress up or down, a white dress shirt is ideal in many situations. it’s also the basis for a simple wardrobe. It’s perfect for work, important meetings, but also pairs well with blazer or a fun jacket.

Though you don’t have to break the bank to invest in a great white dress, you do want to search for one that fits well and is durable.

4. A blazer:

I love a good blazer to instantly complete an outfit that’s feeling a little lackluster. Blazers pair well with casual and professional outfits and even look great over dresses. I recommend opting for a neutral color — white, black, navy blue, or tan — to ensure it will go with most pieces in your closet.

5. A great pair of jeans (A forever timeless fashion piece) :

Is there anything better than slipping into your favorite pair of jeans and knowing you look good? A classic pair of denim jeans should be well-fitted, in the style of your choosing, and easily go from day to night. Higher price points might be worthwhile, but you can find great denim at stores like Madewell for a little less cash.

6. Denim jacket :

I’m not recommending a Canadian tuxedo here, but a denim jacket is a great staple. It works well over a dress and pairs nicely with a pair of black or gray jeans.

You can also opt for jackets with small embellishments to make your denim your own. This is one of the most affordable timeless fashion pieces that looks great no matter your age or personal style.

7. A classic handbag:

Of course, nothing completes your outfit better than a signature handbag. Investing in a pieces that can last you for years to come may make sense, but you can find more affordable options as well.

So if you do opt for a higher price point, I recommend using it sparingly; otherwise, it might start seeing wear and tear sooner. Plus, taking it out for special occasions can make this item feel more precious.

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