Monochromatic Makeup Look | BITE BEAUTY MULTISTICK

Hello My Beauties,

Hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a while me talking about beauty products so today’s post is on a beauty product that I have been loving lately and is a cool one 🤗. I did my whole face using Bite Beauty Multisticks. I used the color Creme Carmel for my eyes, cheeks and lips. I love this brand so much and I kind of challenge myself to create this look full face look using only one produt. The really cool thing about this is about the formula, they applies like a creme but when you start to blend it out it actually blends like a powder. It doesn’t feel like a lipstick on the skin. It has 35% powder in the bullet which makes it really easy to work with to it blend out.
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A lot of you know that bite beauty products are actually made with food grade ingredients which is pretty amazing. You can use this a few different ways. You can use directly to your face with the bullet, you can use it with your fingers or you can go on with a beauty blender or a brush. It depends on your personal preference. They have 18 shades in the line and its basically like a 3 in 1 product, you can use it for eyes, cheeks and lips. The color creme caramel is a very warm peachy nude color. These are really really pigmented and they blend really well and you can built up the color as per your desire. I also used the stick to bronze up my skin a little and a side note I rubbed it on the back of my hand first to even out the product and lightly applied on it. It’s a cool, fun and easy way to use a product for so many different ways. It is a very versatile product. I love this because I don’t have to carry any eyeshadow, blush or a lipstick, I just use one color and anything that can cut down my daily makeup routine I’m all about that so, I really recommend it to everyone especially if you are someone always in rush. I have oily skin and they stay on my eyes, lips and cheeks through an entire work day.

Spring Fashion Trends | 2017

Hello My Beauties,

Spring is definitely the time of the year to be bit more adventurous with your wardrobe and go bold 🤗. It is probably my favorite season weather wise, i think its very fresh and crisp outside and its little bit chilly. These are some trends which i like to wear personally and  I think this year it is going to be more like 70’s and 80’s kind of vibe.

LOOK 1: PowerHouse 

I’ve always been choosy with what I wear because I want it to resemble a look that makes me the most comfortable and yet trendy -A look that exudes Class. I love floral –  I know 😋 floral is Spring ‘ground breaking ‘! I like my style to be more 70’s kind of psychedelic floral this year. I love floral printed peasant-style blouse because its very comfy to wear. In this look I’m wearing a slender ties detail floral blouse with split neckline atop from NordstromCrop trousers –  Crop trousers are huge at the moment and I’m so into them because I feel like crop is much more flattering on me. I like high waist and crop ankles, crop denims, etc to bring that power house look. I love this one particularly from Macy’s because it is easy, comfortable and effortless slouchy-woven trousers that tapers to ankle baring cuffed hems.  Whiskey leather Bag from Nordstrom.  DSC_0022




Look 3: Denim & Romper

Distressed Denim jacket- For me denim jackets are timeless and you can pair it with fennel shirts, jeans, rompers, dress, shorts,etc.  I really like the white fading that you don’t see typically in denim jackets and i really love that it is distressed. I pick this up from TOPSHOP and I have been loving every second of it. I prefer that it has the signature pockets and a roomy fit to it. The Denim quality is amazing and have really cool distressed details on it hence making it a subtle combination. Romper –  I can see me wearing rompers like every day this summer, they are so comfortable. I like this particular short romper from H&M.  It is sweet and sassy, and playful which features a springy floral print and lustrous polka dots that catch the light just so. Finally I paired the look with my favorite NIKE kicks.






Look 4: Careless Spin

Graphic Tee’s – I like graphic tee’s a lot and it has generally come around recently a lot and has became something very huge. I have seen so many people wearing old school Gucci logo t-shirt. I love them, they are so sassy and fun and just draw the eye to it. What truly irks my interest in this piece of fabric, the staunch thick material which can make a simple basic t-shirt go from basic to uber cool. I picked mine from Pacsun and all i did was tied the ends of the Tee into a knot to give that careless spin Over-sized fishnets – Texture, dimension and allure are what make fishnets so classic and i love wearing them with my ripped jeans. This is a trend that i love and have seen so much recently, tights with ripped jeans, which sounds horrible but it actually looks really really cool. I have no idea from where this trend came from or why it became popular, but its something that is viral on all the social media platforms and i really like it. Fish net sleeves- i feel like that is also making a huge comeback, like a Gothic kind of culture but with a very fashion forward kind of way. Oversize fish net is a very cool trend but i know its not going to be for everyone. I paired the look with my G. H Bass brown leather aviator sneakers.  Jeans– I paired it with a ragged tears and distressed shredding serious distressed jeans from Urban Outfitters. It has the rough-and-tumble vibe of ultra-cropped silhouette jeans cut to give a svelte look.



Those are some of the trend which I have been loving this upcoming season which I can see definitely in my spring/summer wardrobe. There are so many cool things coming up and I just want to go crazy and buy them all. So, I really hope some of the outfits inspired you a little bit to try something new or something you can look out for when you next go to the shops. Most important thing when it comes to fashion is what you like and feel more comfortable to wear. 💗


Xoxo 😘